Man cuts pineapples in a way I’ve never seen before. This is genius!


Is it just us, or is pineapple one of the hardest fruits to cut?

Sure, there’s plenty of ways to go about cutting a pineapple, but it always feels like there’s a lot of steps that result in a sticky mess. If you’re a pineapple lover but you prefer to skip out on the prep, then you are going to be amazed by this video.


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This street vendor can expertly core and slice a pineapple in 70 seconds!

Located in Davao, Philippines, this man sells pineapple chunks to-go from his small street-side stand. Customers get much more than a snack though. Watching him prepare the pineapple is an artful show worth taking a second look at.

He begins the process by slicing off the top of the fruit. From there he slices all the way around from the inside, loosening the fruit from its rough exterior.


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It’s actually incredibly smart that he’s found a way to cut the fruit out without removing the skin. If you’ve ever tried to cut a pineapple, then you probably already know how slippery and sticky the fruit makes your hands. It’s not easy to hold a knife under those conditions!

After removing the bulk of the fruit from the exterior, he removes the bottom and begins to score the fruit into chunks. The series of cuts somehow allows him to easily remove the core.


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From there, he slices the fruit from the outside, exterior and all of the way through.

And that’s it! The fruit chunks are ready to effortlessly slide into a plastic to-go bag to be enjoyed as you wander the streets. Pretty sweet deal, huh?


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It’s clear by the pile of discarded skins on his stand that this man has had some practice.

While we’ve tried to break this technique down at least a little bit, you’ll see when you watch the video that it’s hard to catch everything that he’s doing. It’s almost impossible not to be mesmerized by the speed and efficiency that he uses to prepare the pineapple.


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You’ll definitely be pausing and re-watching this one multiple times!

Also, it’s clear that the knife this man is using is very sharp, so if you’re going to try to mimic this technique at home, please be careful!

Do you have any other tricks for cutting pineapple? If so, be sure to share them in the comments below!

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