13 Things Girls With Pretty Nails are Tired of Hearing


13 Things Girls With Pretty Nails are Tired of Hearing

Many girls live to have pretty nails and it is their top
priority in their beauty regimen. If they get a chipped nail, they would have heartache
similar to a breakup. They can go months without buying new clothes, but they
do not live without getting their nails done. So, what? It’s their hobby. But
there are some questions which people ask them again and again and it’s
irritating! Well, you better not ask a girl with perfect nails these questions,
unless you want to be hit hard!

Do you waste all your money on nail care?

How do you carry so long nails?

Don’t your long nails hurt?

Can you manage to eat with such long nails?

Do they chip? Don’t they?

Are your nails fake or real?

Do you paint your nails every now and then?

Do you have a lot of free time to keep your nails groomed?

Does your boyfriend like your nails?

Why do you grow them so long? Isn’t it uncomfortable?

Do you have any other work apart from painting your nails?

Do you plan on opening a nail spa?

How did you do that on your nails?


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