Eye Makeup Hacks For Beginners !


Eye Makeup Hacks For Beginners !

You can read the information about eye cosmetics and eyebrows tips and traps. I trust these tips and traps help you on everyday work with your eyes and eyebrows.There are shortcuts and hacks to make life easier for you, simply so you don’t have to spend ages getting ready. We understand how much you need your sleep, so we’ve curated a bunch of hacks to ensure your eyes are ready for the day in minutes.

1. Define your eyes by sweeping in concealer over your eyelids.

Before applying any eye makeup, apply a coat of concealer from the center of your eyes and blend it in well over the eye lids. This will give your eyes a fuller look.

2. Stick a piece of scotch tape underneath your lower eye lash and line it to your eye brow to define the eyeliner flick.

Run the eyeliner in the direction of scotch tape to get a perfect winged liner look.

3. To make your eyes appear brighter and more awake apply eye shadow from the inner corner of your eyes and work your way to outer corner.

Adding a glitter eye shadow on the inner corner will give a glamorous look to your eyes.

4. To cover up eyeliner glitches.

Apply concealer to hide them and apply a coat of translucent powder over the concealer to give it a natural look.

5. While applying mascara on your lashes.

Hold a visiting card towards the edge to avoid smudges on the eyelid or face.

6. To make your eye shadow colour appear brighter.

Apply white eyeshadow on your eye lids before applying the eye shadow pigment.

7. Outline your water line with a white eye pencil.

To make them appear fuller and bigger.

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