How To Perfect The Cat Eye (With Detailed Steps And Pictures)


How To Perfect The Cat Eye (With Detailed Steps And Pictures)

Cat eye look has been a rave in the world of eye makeup from quite some time. The flirty makeup trick makes you look smarter and pretty in every outfit you wear. Although the look is not easy to achieve, if use the correct tools, products and technique you can master it in matter few tries. If you practice and experiment cat eyes a few times, you too can easily achieve the Lauren Conrad’s signature look. Read on to see how you can easily get the catchy and perfect cat eye look. Girls gather all the stuff we you need and get ready to get gorgeous, seductive and fun cat eye look with these steps :

Prep The Eye

The very first step is to create a good base for the cat eye. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturize. If you have redness around the eyes, dark circles or puffiness, use an eye serum or an eye cream. These do wonders! To make sure that the makeup sits well, apply a primer.

Pick An Eyeliner

Now that you’ve got the base done, it’s time to pick out a product that works for you. You can use a liquid liner that comes in a tiny vial bottle with a thin brush applicator or a felt tip pen. You can also use a gel-based eyeliner that comes in a pot. You will have to use an angled brush or eyeliner brush for this. For the sake of simplicity, let’s use a felt tip eyeliner. This is convenient, and easy to use, if you’re a beginner. I love using They’re Real!Push Up Eyeliner by Benefit. It’s a gel-based eyeliner that comes in a pen form. The applicator is the best part since it is angled.

How To Do Cat Eye Makeup – Tutorial

Step 1: Line The Upper Lash Line

Step 2: Find The Right Angle

Step 3: Create The Flick

Step 4: Clean Up


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